Help rename Bob!

So, Bob’s current official name is Melgarbi II.  The previous owners chose this name and it is an amalgamation of the first names in the family. It’s fine, but it isn’t meaningful for us so we’re looking for another.  We’d like one that’s meaningful for us, sounds nice, is not too long and difficult to say or spell out over radio, and may be acceptable to any future owners.

I like Seadragon. The Weedy Seadragon (and it’s cousin the Leafy) is one of my favourite underwater creatures, along with the Harlequin Ghost Pipefish (too long) and the Frogfish or Anglerfish (too boring).

I also like Emma’s nicknames; ‘screwdle’ and ‘noodles’ but for a yacht…?

I’m really interested in any suggestions you have!  Thanks.


I thought the names suggested through PollyDaddy would show up but they didn’t. ‘Rogem’ was suggested in the same spirit as Melgarbi, but probably less melodic!

UPDATE: During our first weekend aboard recently we had a couple of pelicans flying around, gliding in and splashing down. Em came up with the name ‘Pelican Bob’ and it has such a ring to it that we’ve decided that Pelican Bob it is!

Of course, it will be a good while until we have her repainted, officially renamed and complete all the necessary administration and prostrations to Neptune, so until then it’s purely unofficial. But we’re looking forward to the time everyone knows her as Pelican Bob!

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3 Responses to Help rename Bob!

  1. RC says:

    A great blog! We had a tough time renaming as well –>

    • Hey there! Thanks.

      I just read most of your blog, which is well-written; interesting to watch your progress over time. Great to see another ignorant dreamer making it happen! I also note we’re both in Sydney Harbour, albeit on opposite sides of the world. Maybe we’ll meet up in a port foreign to us both; that would be cool.

      Fair winds,


  2. RC says:

    Lol, that would be cool! You wouldn’t believe how many Europeans land here mistakenly, thinking they are getting a great deal on a flight to Australia! It happens at least once a year since online plane tickets became available.

    Our Sydney and yours were both named after British Home Secretary Lord Sydney. Rumor has it that honoring a home secretary in such a way would go along way for special favours when it came to colonization… at least it worked for you guys!

    As far as naming goes, I heard that for bigger boats that will be long distances from shore, a short, easy to remember name is beneficial for a few reasons. Primarily if ever you need to call for help, also for radio communications when you are offshore. We went with Indefatigable, (long and unwieldy) but we pretty much just refer to her as Indy.

    I look forward to following your adventures!

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